Sam Waterston

Date of Birth 15 Nov. 1940
Place of Birth Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA



1980 Heaven's Gate as Frank Canton
1974 The Great Gatsby as Nick Carraway
1987 September as Peter
1994 Serial Mom as Eugene Sutphin
1977 Capricorn One as Lt. Col. Peter Willis
1980 Hopscotch as Jack Cutter
2003 Le Divorce as Chester Walker
1990 The Civil War as President Abraham Lincoln
1985 Warning Sign as Cal Morse
1975 Rancho Deluxe as Cecil Colson
1995 The Journey of August King as Mooney Wright
1978 Interiors as Mike
2002 The Matthew Shepard Story as Dennis Shepard
1997 Shadow Conspiracy as The President
1991 The Man in the Moon as Matthew Trant
1990 Mindwalk as Jack Edwards
1989 Welcome Home as Woody
1973 The Glass Menagerie as Tom Wingfield
1997 Thomas Jefferson as Thomas Jefferson (voice)
1994 The Enemy Within as President William Foster
1969 Generation as Desmond
1998 Exiled as Jack McCoy
1974 Reflections of Murder as Michael Elliott
2011 Prohibition as Reader (voice)
1996 The Proprietor as Harry Bancroft
1979 Eagle's Wing as White Bull
1984 The Killing Fields as Sydney Schanberg
1986 The Fifth Missile as Capt. Allard Renslow
1975 Journey Into Fear as Mr. Graham
1988 Lincoln as Abraham Lincoln
1987 The Room Upstairs as Travis Coles
1998 Miracle at Midnight as Dr. Karl Koster
1980 Oppenheimer as Robert Oppenheimer
1989 Lantern hill as Andrew Stuart
1979 Friendly Fire as C.D. Bryan
1994 David's Mother as John Nils
1993 I'll Fly Away: Then and Now as Forrest Bedford
1983 Dempsey as Doc Kearns
1980 Sweet William as William McClusky
1970 Cover Me Babe as Cameraman
2015 Please Be Normal as Dad
2016 Anesthesia as Prof. Walter Zarrow
1969 Three as Taylor
1985 Love Lives On as Bernie
1986 Just Between Friends as Harry Crandall
1973 Much Ado About Nothing as Benedick
1972 Savages as James, the Limping Man
2000 A House Divided as David Dickson
1967 Fitzwilly as Oliver
1995 Nixon as Richard Helms
1987 Devil's Paradise as Jones
1986 Flagrant Désir as Inspecteur Gerry Morrison
2016 Miss Sloane as George Dupont
1976 Sweet Revenge as Le Clerq
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