Moritz Bleibtreu

Date of Birth 13 Aug. 1971
Place of Birth Munich, Germany



2001 The Experiment as Tarek Fahd, Häftling Nr. 77
2007 Reclaim Your Brain as Rainer
2004 Agnes and His Brothers as Hans-Jörg Tschirner
1999 Luna Papa as Nasreddin
2000 In July as Daniel Bannier
2004 C(r)ook as Valentin
2010 Jew Suss: Rise and Fall as Joseph Goebbels
1999 Das Gelbe vom Ei as Toon Jungjohann
2009 Lippels Traum as König / Otto Mattenheim
2012 The Fourth State as Paul Jensen
2011 My Best Enemy as Victor Kaufmann
2013 Vijay and I as Will
2006 The Elementary Particles as Bruno Klement
1998 Run Lola Run as Manni
2001 Lammbock as Kai
2007 The Lark Farm as Ferzan
2002 Solino as Giancarlo
2008 The Baader Meinhof Complex as Andreas Baader
2012 The Guardians as Rudi
2014 Not My Day as Nappo Navroki
2014 Stereo as Henry
2014 Die schwarzen Brüder as Antonio Luini
2017 Lommbock as Kai
1970 Abgeschnitten as Paul Herzfeld
2006 The Stone Council as Serguei Makov
2012 Der Bernd as himself
2001 Taking Sides as Lt. David Wills
2009 Soul Kitchen as Ilias Kazantsakis
2008 Chiko as Brownie
2010 Young Goethe in Love as Albert Kestner
2013 Quellen des Lebens as Klaus Freytag
1995 Kinder des Satans as Henning Voss
1997 Kabel und Liebe as Stefan
2000 Fandango as DJ Sunny
2016 The Dark Side of the Moon as Urs Blank
2017 Bye Bye Germany as David
2008 Inthierryview as himself
2004 Fakiren fra Bilbao as Lombardo
2010 Times Change You as Arafat Abou-Chaker
2010 Angel of Evil as Sergio
1997 Kind zu vermieten as Marco
1995 Stadtgespräch as Karl
1994 Einfach nur Liebe as Yüksel
2008 Female Agents as Karl Heinrich
2007 The Walker as Emek Yoglu
2012 360 as Salesman
2015 The Pasta Detectives 2 as Boris Wandbeck
2016 Heart of Stone as Holländer-Michel
2016 The Confessions as Mark Klein
2011 Gegengerade as Immobilienhai
1994 Unschuldsengel as Thorsten
1997 Back in Trouble as Knasti
2005 Munich as Andreas
2013 The Fifth Estate as Marcus
2010 Jerry Cotton as Sammy Serrano
1996 Der kalte Finger as Gabriel
2004 Germanikus as Kaiser Titus
2014 The Cut as Peter Edelman
2015 Kill Your Friends as Rudi
2015 Woman in Gold as Gustav Klimt
2013 World War Z as W.H.O. Doctor
2008 Speed Racer as Grey Ghost
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