Sherilyn Fenn

Date of Birth 01 Feb. 1965
Place of Birth Detroit, Michigan, USA



1988 Two Moon Junction as April Delongpre
2005 Deadly Isolation as Susan Mandaway
2009 The Scenesters as A.D.A. Barbara Dietrichson
1990 Meridian as Catherine
2005 Officer Down as Detective Kathryn Shaunessy
2001 Off Season as Patty Winslow
2002 Scent of Danger as Brenna Shaw
1995 Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story as Elizabeth Taylor
2002 Swindle as Sophie Zieten
1993 Fatal Instinct as Laura Lincolnberry
1991 Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel as Bridget DeSoto
1997 The Shadow Men as Dez Wilson
2004 Pop Rocks as Allison Harden
1993 Boxing Helena as Helena
1992 Ruby as Sheryl Ann DuJean / Candy Cane
2003 Dream Warrior as Sterling
2006 Presumed Dead as Det. Mary Anne 'Coop' Cooper
1997 Just Write as Amanda Clark
1996 The Assassination File as Lauren Jacobs
1997 Nightmare Street as Joanna Burke
2016 The Secrets of Emily Blair as Linda Regan
1986 The Wraith as Keri Johnson
1993 Three of Hearts as Ellen Armstrong
1989 Crime Zone as Helen
2006 Novel Romance as Liza Normane Stewart
1998 Outside Ozona as Marcy Duggan Rice
1989 True Blood as Jennifer Scott
1997 Lovelife as Molly
2012 Bigfoot as Sheriff Becky Alvarez
1991 Dillinger as Billie Frechette
2014 The Brittany Murphy Story as Sharon Murphy
2015 Unnatural as Dr. Hannah Lindval
2014 Rescuing Madison as Bess
2017 Wish Upon as Mrs. Deluca
2007 Treasure Raiders as Lena
1991 Diary of a Hitman as Jain
2004 Cavedweller as M.T.
2013 Raze as Elizabeth
1992 Of Mice and Men as Curley's Wife
2007 Fist of the Warrior as Katie Barnes
1985 Out of Control as Katie
1990 Backstreet Dreams as Lucy
1987 Zombie High as Suzi
2016 Casa Vita as Marlene Lindstrom
1984 The Wild Life as Penny Harlin
1989 Twin Peaks as Audrey Horne
1990 Wild at Heart as Girl in Accident
2003 The United States of Leland as Mrs. Calderon
1986 Thrashin' as Velvet
1984 Silence of the Heart as Monica
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