Geraldine Chaplin

Date of Birth 31 Jul. 1944
Place of Birth Santa Monica, California, United States



1992 Chaplin as Hannah Chaplin
1993 The Age of Innocence as Mrs. Welland
1973 The Three Musketeers as Anna of Austria
1967 A Countess from Hong Kong as Tänzerin
1975 Nashville as Opal
2009 Imago mortis as Contessa Orsini
1980 The Mirror Crack'd as Ella Zielinsky
2007 The Orphanage as Aurora
2010 The Wolfman as Maleva
1971 Perched on a Tree as Mme Muller
1974 The Four Musketeers as Queen Anne of Austria
1995 Home for the Holidays as Aunt Glady
1992 Duel of Hearts as Mrs Miller
2005 Melissa P. as Nonna Elvira
2004 A Christmas Carol as Ghost of Christmas Future / Blind Beggarwoman
1988 The Moderns as Nathalie de Ville
1987 White Mischief as Nina Soames
1981 Bolero: Dance of Life as Suzan / Sara Glenn
1990 The Children as Joyce Wheater
2011 There Be Dragons as Abileyza
1983 Life Is a Bed of Roses as Nora Winkle
1984 Love on the Ground as Charlotte
1978 A Wedding as Rita Billingsley
2004 The Bridge of San Luis Rey as The Abbess
1997 The Odyssey as Eurycleia
2011 The Monk as L’abbesse
1996 Jane Eyre as Miss Scatcherd
1976 Noroît as Morag
2012 The Impossible as Old Woman
2008 Diary of a Nymphomaniac as Abuela de Valére
1980 A Sweet Journey as Lucie
2011 What's a Bear For? as Josephine
1972 Z.P.G. as Carol McNeil
2008 Tell Me About Love as Amelie
2010 The Mosquito Net as María
1978 Remember My Name as Emily
1970 The Hawaiians as Purity Hoxworth
1976 Welcome to L.A. as Karen Hood
2011 All Together as Annie
1973 Yankee Dudler as Kate Elder
2009 The Island Inside as Victoria
1972 Innocent Bystanders as Miriam Loman
1999 Beresina as Charlotte De
2008 Ramírez as Galerist
2011 Americano as Linda
1996 Crimetime as Thelma
1967 Peppermint Frappe as Elena / Ana
1979 Mama Turns 100 as Ana
2003 Winter Solstice as Gloria Blundell
1977 Elisa, My Life as Elisa Santamaría
1965 Doctor Zhivago as Tonya Gromeko
2002 Talk to Her as Katerina Bilova
2009 Parc as la mère de Paul Marteau
1977 Roseland as Marilyn
2005 BloodRayne as Fortune Teller
2007 Boxes as Maman
2014 Wax as Producer
1967 Stranger in the House as Angela Sawyer
1991 Buster's Bedroom as Diana Daniels
2013 Another Me as Mrs. Brennan
2013 Panzer Chocolate as Frau Frida
1979 La viuda de Montiel as Adelaida
1995 To Hear the Birds Singing as Catherine
1977 In memoriam as Paulina Arevalo
1971 Carlos as Lisa
1983 Unknown Chaplin as Herself
1979 Adoption as Catherine
1969 Honeycomb as Teresa
2015 Me and Kaminski as Therese
2015 Sand Dollars as Anne
1966 We'll Go to the City as Lenka Vitas
1976 Cría Cuervos as La mère d'Ana / Ana adulte
1952 Limelight as Little Girl in Opening Scene (uncredited)
2000 In the Beginning as Yocheved
1967 I Killed Rasputin as Mounia Golovine
2015 Valentin Valentin as Jane
1978 The Word as Naomi Dunn
1981 The House of Mirth as Lily Bart
2015 Once and Forever as Marie Donovan
1970 The Clowns as Herself
1999 To Walk with Lions as Victoria Anrecelli
2015 The Forbidden Room as The Master Passion / Nursemaid / Aunt Chance
2007 The Totenwackers as Salgado
1996 Gulliver's Travels as Empress Munodi
1967 Casino Royale as Keystone Kop (uncredited)
1970 As we like it as Germaine
2015 Marguerite & Julien as La mère de Lefebvre
2016 Beyond The Walls as Rose
2016 A Monster Calls as The Head Teacher
2013 The Return as Coco Chanel
1968 Stress Is Three as Teresa
1997 Os Olhos da Ásia as Jane Powell
1970 A Foreign Field as Beverly
2008 Inconceivable as Frances Church-Chappel
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