Billy Dee Williams

Date of Birth 06 Apr. 1937
Place of Birth New York City - New York - USA



1989 Batman as Harvey Dent
1980 The Empire Strikes Back as Lando Calrissian
1983 Return of the Jedi as Lando Calrissian
1975 Mahogany as Brian
1981 Nighthawks as Det. Sgt. Matthew Fox
1970 Carter's Army as Lewis
1972 Lady Sings the Blues as Louis McKay
1991 Driving Me Crazy as Max
1996 Steel Sharks as Adm. Jim Perry
2003 Epoch: Evolution as Ferguson
2009 Fanboys as Judge Reinhold
2000 Fear Runs Silent as Sheriff Hammond
2006 Hood of Horror as Pastor Charlie
1993 Alien Intruder as Commander Skyler
2007 Constellation as Helms Boxer
2000 The Ladies Man as Lester
1971 Brian's Song as Gale Sayers
1984 Fear City as Al Wheeler
2010 Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III as Lando Calrissian (voice)
1995 Triplecross as Agent Oscar Pierce
1972 The Final Comedown as Johnny Johnson
1973 Hit! as Nick Allen
1999 The Contract as Senator Harmon
1977 Scott Joplin as Scott Joplin
1987 Deadly Illusion as Hamberger
1993 Marked for Murder as Capt. Jack Reilly
1996 Mask of Death as Agent Jeffries
1995 Falling For You as Lieutenant Frank Lazaro
1983 Chiefs as Tyler Watts
1986 Courage as Bobby Jay
1996 Moving Target as Detective Don Racine
1998 Hard Time as Leo Barker
1987 Number One with a Bullet as Det. Hazeltine
1984 Time Bomb as Jake Calahan
1990 Secret Agent 00 Soul as Secret Agent Zero
1985 Marvin & Tige as Richard Davis
1972 The Glass House as Lennox
1970 Lost Flight as Merle Barnaby
1959 The Last Angry Man as Josh Quincy
1993 Message from Nam as Felix
1980 The Hostage Tower as Clarence Whitlock
2014 The Lego Movie as Lando (voice)
1997 The Fourth King as Gasparre
1983 Shooting Stars as Douglas Hawk
2001 Good Neighbor as Sgt. Paul Davidson
1974 The Take as Sneed
2015 The Man in 3B as Cain
1986 Oceans of Fire as Jim McKinley
1988 The Return of Desperado as Daniel Lancaster
2013 Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles - The Phantom Clone as Lando Calrissian / Lando's Father (voice)
1970 The Out of Towners as Clifford Robinson, Lost & Found Clerk
2015 Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal as Lando Calrissian (voice)
1997 Afro Promo as Himself (archive footage)
2017 The Lego Batman Movie as Two-Face / Harvey Dent (voice)
2017 Dirty Dancing as Tito
2010 Barry Munday as Lonnie Green
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