Angus Macfadyen

Date of Birth 21 Sep. 1963
Place of Birth Glasgow, Scotland, UK



2008 Impulse as Jonathan Dennison / Simon Phillips
2007 Killer Wave as John McAdams
2006 Blackbeard as Blackbeard
2001 A Woman's a Helluva Thing as Houston Blackett
2006 .45 as Big Al
2008 Clean Break as Matt McKay
2000 Second Skin as Sam Kane
2006 The Virgin of Juarez as Patrick Nunzio
1999 Facade as Frederic Colbert
1997 Snide and Prejudice as Adolf Hitler
2013 Taken by Grace as Lucas Blackstone
1997 Warriors of Virtue as Komodo
2016 Macbeth Unhinged as Macbeth
1970 San Saba as Bud
2006 Saw III as Jeff Reinhart
2004 Spartacus as Marcus Crassus
1992 The Lost Language of Cranes as Philip Benjamin
2013 Copperhead as Jee Hagadorn
2001 Styx as Mike
1995 Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story as Richard Burton
2014 H4 as Sir John Falstaff
2002 Equilibrium as Dupont
1998 The Rat Pack as Peter Lawford
2005 Shooting Gallery as Tenderloin Tony
2013 Assassins Run as Richard
1995 Braveheart as Robert the Bruce
2004 5ive Days to Midnight as Roy Bremmer
1999 The Brylcreem Boys as Rudolph von Stegenbek
2016 The Lost City of Z as James Murray
2006 Fatwa as Bobby
2011 We Bought a Zoo as Peter MacCready
2010 Pound of Flesh as Detective Patrick Kelly
2013 Sugar as Uncle Gene
1999 Titus as Lucius
1999 Cradle Will Rock as Orson Welles
2005 Murder on the Yellow Brick Road as Michael Alberts
2007 Saw IV as Jeff Denlon
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