Franco Nero

Date of Birth 23 Nov. 1941
Place of Birth San Prospero Parmense, Italy



1966 Django as Django
1973 Blood Brothers as Nicola Bellizzi
1966 Texas, Adios as Burt Sullivan
1976 Keoma as Keoma
1966 Massacre Time as Tom Corbett
1971 The Fifth Cord as Andrea Bild
1995 Jonathan of the Bears as Jonathan
1970 Companeros as Yodlaf Peterson
1980 The Blue-Eyed Bandit as Renzo Dominici
1980 Day of the Cobra as Larry Stanziani
1973 Il delitto Matteotti as Giacomo Matteotti
1992 Brothers and Sisters as Franco
1981 Enter the Ninja as Cole
1968 The Mercenary as Sergei Kowalski, The Polish
1969 Un detective as Commissario Stefano Belli
1996 The Conquest as Árpád
1979 Mimi as Guido
1970 5th Day of Peace as Ens. Bruno Grauber
1973 Redneck as Mosquito
1974 Street Law as Carlo Antonelli
1977 Hitch Hike as Walter Mancini
1985 Devil's Crude as Nick
1968 A Quiet Place in the Country as Leonardo Ferri
1975 Cry, Onion! as Onion Stark
1973 White Fang as Jason Scott
1987 Django Strikes Again as Django
1979 The Shark Hunter as Mike di Donato
1973 High Crime as Commissario Belli
1966 The Third Eye as Mino
1974 Challenge to White Fang as Jason Scott
1978 Sahara Cross as John
1967 Pride and Vengeance as Django
1987 The Girl as Johan (John) Berg
1973 Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears as Johnny Ears
1988 Top Line as Ted Angelo
2008 La rabbia as Mentore
1981 The Salamander as Carabinieri Colonel Dante Matucci
1971 Confessions of a Police Captain as Deputy D.A. Traini
1975 How to Kill a Judge as Giacomo Solaris
1971 Don't Turn the Other Cheek as Prince Dimitri Vassilovich Vladek Orlowsky
1976 Submission as Armand
1992 Gold
2012 New Order as Dr. Cornelius Van Morgen
2004 Post Coitum as Bakchus
1981 The Falcon as Banović Strahinja
1994 The Dragon Ring as Dragon King
1988 Race to Danger as Francis, il marinaio
1982 Querelle as Lieutenant Seblon
1976 Victory March as Captain Asciutto
1974 The Last Four Days as Walter Audisio
1982 Grog
1970 The Virgin and the Gypsy as The gypsy
1968 The Day of the Owl as Capitano Bellodi
1975 Gente Di Rispetto as Professore Michele Belcore
1991 Amelia Lópes O'Neill as Fernando
1971 La Vacanza as Osiride
1976 Death Rite as Sadry
2012 The Last Alchemist as Felix the Alchemist
2014 Nymph
1975 Smiling Maniacs as Judge Dani
1968 Sardinia Kidnapped as Gavino
1993 Das Babylon Komplott as Chris Lang
2008 Four Seasons - Summer as Max Freeman
2002 L'ultimo pistolero as The pistolero
1998 Il tesoro di Damasco as Andrea
1975 The Legend of Valentino as Rudolph Valentino
2007 Mineurs as Michele Acucella
1984 Die Försterbuben as Böhme
1978 The Pirate as Baydr Al Fay
1970 Django Lives! as Django
1979 Le rose di Danzica as General Konrad von Der Berg
1990 Breath of Life as Angelo
1970 Dropout as Bruno
2017 The Neighborhood as Guglielmo
1970 Tristana as Horacio
2010 Sant'Agostino as Augustinus
1967 Camelot as Lancelot Du Lac
2011 Rasputin as Narratore
1999 Li chiamarono... briganti! as Caporale Nerza
1966 The War of the Planets as Lt. Jake Jacowitx
2014 Obsessive Rythms as Carmine
1966 Hired Killer as Tony Lo Bello (as Frank Nero)
1998 Talk of Angels as Dr. Vicente Areavaga
1991 Young Catherine as Count Vorontsov
1965 The Tramplers as Edith Wickett
1996 The Innocent Sleep as Adolfo Cavani
1972 Pope Joan as Louis
2003 Bad Inclination as il barbone
1990 Die Hard 2 as General Ramon Esperanza
1965 Wild, Wild Planet as Lt. Jake
2010 Letters to Juliet as Lorenzo Bartolini
2008 Bathory: Countess of Blood as King Mathias
1978 Force 10 from Navarone as Lescovar
2002 Fumata blanca as Cardenal Tura
1988 Run for Your Life as Commissario
2014 Love Island as Marquis Polesini
1992 The Timekeeper as Leonardo da Vinci
1969 The Battle of Neretva as Capitani Michele Rossi
2001 Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 as Gen. Francini
2008 Eine Nacht im Grandhotel as Ferran Moreno
2013 The Outsider as Himself
2005 Forever Blues as Luca
1993 Der Fall Lucona as Enzo Lombardi
2000 St. Paul as Gamaliel
2009 Killing Is My Business, Honey as Enrico Puzzo
2012 Crazy Dog as Alvaro Genta
2010 Prigioniero di un segreto as Il barbone
1996 Il Ritorno di Sandokan as Yogi Azim
2016 The Lost City of Z as Baron de Gondoriz
2005 Summer Solstice as Lorenzo
2001 Sacra Corona as Bishop Gellért
2015 Terra
2001 The Crusaders as Ibnazul
2008 Ti Stramo as Il Barbone
1979 The Visitor as Jesus Christ
2008 Mein Herz in Chile as Carlos Sanchez
1991 Touch and Die as Aquani
1997 David as Natan
1965 I Knew Her Well as Italo - The garage attendant
1965 La Celestina P… R… as Fabrizio
2017 John Wick: Chapter 2 as Julius
2000 Mirka
1988 Young Toscanini as Claudio Toscanini
2012 Django Unchained as Amerigo Vessepi
2011 Cars 2 as Uncle Topolino (voice)
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