Eddie Izzard

Date of Birth 07 Feb. 1962
Place of Birth Aden, Yemen



2009 Eddie Izzard: Stripped as Eddie Izzard
2002 Eddie Izzard: Circle as Himself
1997 Eddie Izzard: Glorious as Himself
2003 Eddie Izzard: Sexie as Himself
2011 Lost Christmas as Anthony
2012 Treasure Island as Long John Silver
2012 What About Dick? as Deepak Rushdie Obi Ben Kingsley
2002 Revengers Tragedy as Lussurioso
2003 40
2014 Castles in the Sky as Robert Watson Watt
2016 Whisky Galore as Captain Wagget
2006 The Wild as Nigel (voice)
2001 The Cat's Meow as Charlie Chaplin
2009 The Day of the Triffids as Torrence
2001 The Criminal as Peter Hume
2016 Rock Dog as Angus (voice)
2006 My Super Ex-Girlfriend as Professor Bedlam
2000 Circus as Troy
1994 Open Fire as Rich
1998 Velvet Goldmine as Jerry Devine
2000 Shadow of the Vampire as Gustav von Wangenhein
2010 Every Day as Garrett
1996 The Secret Agent as Vladimir
2011 Cars 2 as Sir Miles Axlerod (voice)
2015 Day Out of Days as Dag
2017 Victoria & Abdul as Bertie, Prince of Wales
2012 Mockingbird Lane as Grandpa
2008 Valkyrie as Erich Fellgiebel
1998 The Avengers as Bailey
2015 Absolutely Anything as Headmaster
2005 Romance & Cigarettes as Gene Vincent
2014 Monty Python Live (Mostly) as Special Guest Bruce
2008 Igor as Dr. Schadenfreude (voice)
2013 The Unbelievers as Himself
2009 Rage as Tiny Diamonds
2010 Huge as Himself
2004 Blueberry as Prosit
2017 Dying Laughing as Himself
1999 Mystery Men as Tony P
2007 Ocean's Thirteen as Roman Nagel
2004 Ocean's Twelve as Roman Nagel
2017 The Lego Batman Movie as Voldemort (voice)
2014 Boychoir as Drake
2005 The Aristocrats as Himself
2005 Live 8 as Himself
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