Ahn Sung-Ki

Date of Birth 01 Jan. 1952
Place of Birth 한국, 대구



2001 The Warrior as Jin-lib
1999 Nowhere to Hide as Chang Sungmin
2009 Fair Love as Hyung-man
2004 Arahan as Ja-woon
1986 Winter Wanderer as Hyeon-tae
2006 Battle of the Warriors as Xiang Yan-zhong
1998 Spring in My Hometown as Sungmin's father
2006 Radio Star as Manager Park
2002 Painted Fire as Kim Byung-Moon
1998 The Soul Guardians as Park Shin-bu
2008 The Divine Weapon as King Sejong
2003 Silmido as Commandant
2002 My Beautiful Girl, Mari as Kyeong-min
1996 Sleeping Man as Takuji
1998 Art Museum by the Zoo as In-Gong
2012 Pacemaker as Park Sung-Il
2001 The Last Witness as Hwang-seok
2015 Last Knights as Auguste
1992 White Badge as Han Ki-ju
2011 Sector 7 as 이정만(I Jeongman)
2012 Unbowed as Teacher Gim Gyeongho
2005 Duelist as 안포교(An Pogyo)
2014 The Divine Move as The Lord
1983 The Village of Mist as Kae-chul
1995 The Eternal Empire as King Jeongjo
2014 Revivre as Chol Managing Director
1985 Er Woo Dong: The Entertainer as The Assassin
1985 Deep Blue Night as Gregory Baek Ho-bin
2016 The Hunt as Moon Ki-Sung
2006 Hanbando as South Korean President
1960 The Housemaid as Kim Chang-soon
2013 Jury as Sung-ki
1992 Blue In You as Ho-suk
2008 My New Partner as Kang Min-ho
1987 Our Sweet Days of Youth as Young-min
1994 Taebaek Mountains as Kim Beom-woo
1989 Gagman as Lee Jong-se
1986 Hwang Jin Yi as Gat Ba-chi
1993 Two Cops as Detective Jo Yoon-soo
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