Paul Dooley

Date of Birth 22 Feb. 1928
Place of Birth Parkersburg, West Virginia, U.S.



1979 A Perfect Couple as Alex Theodopoulos
2005 Come Away Home as Grandpa Donald
1997 Angels in the Endzone as Coach Buck
1982 Endangered Species as Joe Hiatt
2003 Comfort and Joy as George
1980 Popeye as Wimpy
1990 Flashback as Stark
1983 Strange Brew as Claude Elsinore
1985 O.C. and Stiggs as Randall Schwab
1981 Paternity as Kurt
1981 See China and Die as Ames Prescott
1994 State of Emergency as Jim Anderson
1993 Mother of the Bride as Richard
1993 Cooperstown as Sid Wiggins
1983 Hansel and Gretel as Father
1999 Guinevere as Walter
2010 Chronic Town as Eleanor's Father
1980 HealtH as Dr. Gil Gainey
1975 Fore Play as Salesman
1997 Telling Lies In America as Father Norton
2001 Madison as Mayor Don Vaughn
1979 Breaking Away as Ray Stoller
1995 The Underneath as Ed Dutton
1982 Kiss Me Goodbye as Kendall
1992 Perry Mason: The Case of the Heartbroken Bride as Asst. Dist. Atty. Robert Norrell
1988 Last Rites as Father Freddie
1986 Big Trouble as George Noozel
1982 Rumpelstiltskin as The Miller
2002 Insomnia as Chief Nyback
1999 Runaway Bride as Walter Carpenter
1984 Sixteen Candles as Jim Baker
1994 Evolver as Jerry Briggs
2009 Horsemen as Father Whiteleather
1997 Loved as Leo Amerson
2001 A Woman's a Helluva Thing as Hank Luckinbill
2006 Cars as Sarge (voice)
1993 A Dangerous Woman as Tupperware Salesman
1999 Happy, Texas as The Judge
2016 Other People as Ronnie
2013 My Santa as Martin
2008 Sunshine Cleaning as Sherm
1983 Going Berserk as Dr. Ted
1991 Shakes the Clown as Owen Cheese
1972 Up the Sandbox as Statue of Liberty Guard
1978 A Wedding as Liam 'Snooks' Brenner
1993 My Boyfriend's Back as Big Chuck
1996 Waiting for Guffman as UFO Abductee
1997 Clockwatchers as Bud Chapman
2017 Cars 3 as Sarge
2007 Hairspray as Mr. Spritzer
2003 A Mighty Wind as George Menschell
1970 The Out of Towners as Day Desk Clerk at Hotel
2011 Cars 2 as Sarge (voice)
1974 The Dion Brothers as Doctor
2006 For Your Consideration as Paper Badge Sergeant
2008 Bedtime Stories as Hot Dog Vendor
1992 The Player as Himself
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