Brian Cox

Date of Birth 01 Jun. 1946
Place of Birth Dundee, Scotland, UK



1995 Braveheart as Argyle Wallace
2005 Match Point as Alec Hewett
2002 The Ring as Richard Morgan
2004 Troy as King Agamemnon
2002 25th Hour as James Brogan
1998 Poodle Springs as Clayton Blackstone
2007 Zodiac as Melvin Belli
2009 Fantastic Mr. Fox as Action 12 Reporter (voice)
2002 The Bourne Identity as Ward Abbott
2004 The Bourne Supremacy as Ward Abbott
2002 Adaptation. as Robert McKee
2009 The Good Heart as Jacques
1999 The Minus Man as Doug
1996 The Long Kiss Goodnight as Dr. Nathan Waldman
1986 Manhunter as Dr. Hannibal Lecktor
2005 Red Eye as Joe Reisert
1998 Rushmore as Dr. Nelson Guggenheim
2007 Trick 'r Treat as Mr. Kreeg
2000 Complicity as Inspector McDunn
2006 Running with Scissors as Dr. Finch
1995 Rob Roy as Killearn
1994 Iron Will as Angus McTeague
1996 Chain Reaction as Lyman Earl Collier
2002 Bug as Cyr
2003 The Reckoning as Tobias
1997 Kiss the Girls as Chief Hatfield, Durham P.D.
1999 The Corruptor as Sean Wallace
1998 Desperate Measures as Captain Jeremiah Cassidy
1996 The Glimmer Man as Mr. Smith
2009 Tell-Tale as Van Doren
2005 The Ringer as Gary Barker
2008 Red as Avery Ludlow
2008 The Colour of Magic as Narrator (voice)
2003 X2 as William Stryker
2002 The Rookie as Jim Morris Sr.
2008 The Escapist as Frank Perry
2000 Mad About Mambo as Sidney McLoughlin
2006 The Flying Scotsman as Douglas Baxter
2011 Ironclad as Albany
1971 Nicholas and Alexandra as Trotsky
2009 Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword as Green Dragon (voice)
1997 The Boxer as Joe Hamill
1983 King Lear as Burgundy
2010 RED as Ivan Simanov
2001 Super Troopers as Captain O'Hagan
1990 Hidden Agenda as Kerrigan
2003 Japan's War In Colour as Narrator
1994 Royal Deceit as Aethelwine
2001 L.I.E. as Big John Harrigan
2000 Nuremberg as Hermann Göring
2000 Longitude as Lord Morton
2001 The Affair of the Necklace as Minister Breteuil
1993 Sharpe's Eagle as Major Michael Hogan
1993 Sharpe's Rifles as Major Michael Hogan
2011 The Veteran as Gerry
2007 The Secret of the Nutcracker as Drosselmeyer
2011 The Sinking of the Laconia as Captain Sharp
2007 The Water Horse as Old Angus
1988 Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky as Voiceover Narrator
1992 The Lost Language of Cranes as Owen Benjamin
2012 The Campaign as Raymond
2011 Coriolanus as Menenius
2011 The Key Man as Irving
2007 A Woman in Winter as Dr. Hunt
2013 Her as Alan Watts (voice)
2001 Strictly Sinatra as Chisolm
1975 In Celebration as Steven Shaw
2012 Blood as Lenny Fairburn
1970 Vivaldi as Merlino
1980 Thérèse Raquin as Laurent LeClaire
2013 An Adventure in Space and Time as Sydney Newman
2013 The Curse of Edgar as Edgar Hoover
2001 Inside 'Manhunter' as Himself
2005 Hitler in Colour as Narrator
2013 Believe as Matt Busby
2013 Blumenthal as Harold Blumenthal
2013 RED 2 as Ivan
2013 Mindscape as Sebastian
2009 The Day of the Triffids as Dennis Masen
2014 The Anomaly as Dr. Langham
1991 Red Fox as Geoffrey Harrison
2015 Pixels as Admiral Porter
2015 Forsaken as James McCurdy
2011 Exit Humanity as Malcolm Young (voice)
2008 Agent Crush as Spanners (voice)
2002 Smallpox as Narrator
2013 Bob Servant Independent as Bob Servant
2010 As Good As Dead as Reverend Kalahan
2014 The Game as Daddy
2008 Shoot on Sight as Daniel Tennant
2016 War and Peace as General Mikhail Kutuzov
2017 Churchill as Winston Churchill
2016 The Carer as Sir Michael
2003 Sin as Captain Oakes
1978 Out
2016 Morgan as Jim Bryce
1999 For Love of the Game as Gary Wheeler
2016 The Autopsy of Jane Doe as Tommy Tilden
1989 Murder on the Moon as Voronov
1970 Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon as Marlon Brando
2000 A Shot at Glory as Martin Smith
1997 Food for Ravens as Aneurin Bevan
2005 Blue/Orange as Dr. Robert Smith
2000 Saltwater as George Beneventi
2015 Pacific Warriors as Narrator
2018 Super Troopers 2 as Captain O'Hagan
1998 Merchants of Venus as Uncle Vladimir
2007 Battle for Terra as General Hemmer (voice)
1985 Pope John Paul II as Father Góra
1970 Strange But True as Bill
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