Juliette Binoche

Date of Birth 09 Mar. 1964
Place of Birth Paris, France



1993 Three Colors: Blue as Julie Vignon
1994 Three Colors: White as Julie Vignon
2000 Chocolat as Vianne Rocher
2005 Caché as Anne Laurent
2006 Paris, je t'aime as Suzanne (Place des Victoires)
1991 Les Amants du Pont-Neuf as Michèle Stalens
1992 Damage as Anna Barton
2000 Code Unknown as Anne Laurent
2007 Dan in Real Life as Marie
1995 The Horseman on the Roof as Pauline de Théus
2008 Paris as Elise
2008 Summer Hours as Adrienne
2005 Bee Season as Miriam
1992 Wuthering Heights as Catherine Linton
1985 Hail Mary as Juliette
1985 Family Life as Natacha
1986 Mauvais Sang as Anna
2004 In My Country as Anna Malan
2006 A Few Days in September as Irène Montano
2005 Mary as Marie Palesi / Mary Magdalene
1999 The Children of the Century as George Sand / Baroness Aurore Dudevant
1996 A Couch in New York as Béatrice Saulnier
2007 Disengagement as Ana
2000 The Widow of Saint-Pierre as Pauline, l'épouse du capitaine
2010 Certified Copy as Elle
2002 Jet Lag as Rose
2012 Cosmopolis as Didi Fancher
2011 The Son of No One as Lauren Bridges
2011 Elles as Anne
1998 Alice and Martin as Alice
2014 Godzilla as Sandra Brody
2013 Camille Claudel 1915 as Camille Claudel
2012 Another Woman's Life as Marie Speranski
2012 An Open Heart as Mila
2013 Words and Pictures as Dina Delsanto
1985 Les nanas as Antoinette
2014 Clouds of Sils Maria as Maria Enders
1994 Three Colors: Red as Julie Vignon (de Courcy)
1985 Farewell Fred as Brigitte
2015 Endless Night as Josephine Peary
2015 The 33 as María Segovia
2015 The Wait as Anna
2016 Slack Bay as Aude Van Peteghem
1985 Rendez-vous as Nina / Anne Larrieux
2017 Ghost in the Shell as Dr. Ouélet
2017 Polina as Liria Elsaj
2008 Shirin as Woman in audience
2010 Let's See Copia Conforme as Interviewee
1991 Mara as Mara
2011 Mademoiselle Julie as Mademoiselle Julie
2015 7 Letters as Elle ('Cinema')
2017 Let the Sunshine In as Isabelle
2000 Filming Haneke as Interviewee
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