Rade Serbedzija

Date of Birth 27 Jul. 1946
Place of Birth Bunić, Croatia



1999 Stigmata as Marion Petrocelli
2007 Love Life as Arie
2000 Space Cowboys as General Vostov
2006 The Elder Son as Max
1997 The Truce as The Greek
2007 Shooter as Michael Sandor
2008 The Eye as Simon McCullough
1998 Mighty Joe Young as Andrei Strasser
2007 Battle in Seattle as Dr. Maric
2009 Thick as Thieves as Nicky / Victor
1984 Una as Profesor Misel Babic
2011 Tatanka as Vinko
1998 Polish Wedding as Roman
2003 Quicksand as Oleg Butraskaya
2010 Seventy-Two Days as Mane
2007 Fugitive Pieces as Athos
1994 Before the Rain as Aleksander
2011 5 Days of War as Col. Demidov
2001 South Pacific as Emile de Becque
2012 Taken 2 as Murad
2012 The Fourth State as Onjegin
1996 Broken English as Ivan
2012 Ustanicka Street as Vranes
2010 An Early Frost as Stari Vasa Ladacki
1982 Variola Vera as Doktor Grujic
2014 The Double as Frightening Old Man
2000 Snatch as Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov
2000 Mission: Impossible II as Dr. Nekhorvich
1997 The Saint as Ivan Tretiak
2012 The Third Half as Don Rafael
2005 Go West as Ljubo
1996 Impure Blood as Marko
2012 Balkan Is Not Dead as Ikonomo
1971 Scene of the Crash as Vlatko
1984 In the Jaws of Life as Intelektualac
2008 Quarantine as Yuri Ivanov
1984 Landscapes in the Mist as Lelin otac
1977 Manhunt as Lado
1981 The Falcon as Abdulah
1987 The Felons as Raka
2009 Middle Men as Nikita Sokoloff
1999 Il dolce rumore della vita as Bruno Maier
1974 Nocturno as Lucio Klarić
1968 Gravitation as Boris Horvat
2014 TEKKEN: Kazuya's Revenge as The Minister
1986 Evening Bells as Tomislav K. Burbonski
2011 X-Men: First Class as Russian General
1999 Eyes Wide Shut as Milich
2005 Batman Begins as Homeless Man
1987 Days to Remember as Dušan
1993 Countess Dora as Karlo Armano
1994 The Awkward Age as Narator
1985 Horvat's Choice as Krešimir Horvat
1982 Cyclops as Ugo
1967 Illusion as Mladić koji ubija Branka
1979 Journalist as Vlado Kovač
1986 Dreaming the Rose as Valent
1973 To Live on Love as Davor
1979 Burning as Tomo
2012 Sonja as Himself
1998 Lies & Whispers as Jiri Kolmar
1989 Migrations II as De Ronkali
1982 July 13th as Kapetan Mitrović
2017 The Promise as Stephan
2016 The Liberation of Skopje as Gjorgjija
1973 The Fugitive as Ivan
2002 The Quiet American as Inspector Vigot
1996 Belma as Josip Papac
2011 Shun Li and the Poet as Bepi, il poeta
2005 The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam as Imam Muaffak (as Rade Sherbedgia)
2003 Ilaria Alpi: The Cruelest Days as Miran Hrovatin
1988 Manifesto as Emile
2017 Anka
1998 Mare largo as Francois Riffaud
2015 Sparrows as Tomislav
2017 A Hedgehog's Home as narrator / all characters (HR)
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